Fall Trend

Fall Trend

Topshop high waisted midi skirt
$51 – topshop.com

Eye makeup


Flower fragrance
$130 – debenhams.com

Fall is here!




It’s been hard to adjust some days to my makeup running off my face (which I’ve fixed, can’t wait to share it with you guy) or my skin looking like I stayed in the shower to long and now I’m a dried up prune. Honestly I’ve been winging it as the days come. Though I wish one day it will magically snow, perhaps even hit below the 50’s but until then I’ll make do. I’m eagerly excited about fall and all the fashion finds it has to offer and how can I forget that pumpkin spice latte (heaven in a cup). Oh and have you peeped my new do….this weather has me feeling as daring as I was when I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin’s (the heart of a shoe lover….HELP)! Hope you guys enjoy! Continue reading “Fall is here!”

Good bye Summer, Hello Autumn

image2 (1)Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, cold weather, nice smelling candles, rainy days, and multicolored leaves. No matter how the year begins, the ending is always perfect. Its amazing to see the climate change that occur shortly after summer ends. As if it was perfectly timed for the raindrops to fall so elegantly. I enjoy seeing the new colors all created by leaves simply falling from a tree. Lets just agree that I’ve waited patiently for fall and I’m excited already. Continue reading “Good bye Summer, Hello Autumn”

DIY Tube Dress

image1 (1)

This summer tube dresses of all colors took over as the basic piece in every styled diva’s closet. This essential statement piece was the perfect item to either dress up or dress down for any occasion. I instantly fell in love with this style trend. The benefits of a tube dress are endless. They’re comfortable, light weight and easy to accessorize, and for me that’s a plus.

I shopped around locally,  to my surprise clothing stores had a variety to choose from. However, they were highly over priced. Instead of feeling discouraged I challenged myself to construct my very own custom tube dress. How hard can it be right? I had received a sewing machine as a Christmas gift from my parents and I’ve had it for quite sometime. Continue reading “DIY Tube Dress”