2015 Hair Journey


“Wear your hair as if its an accessory” – Nichole Kemp

I must admit, I had planned out my 2015 hair journey long before it even begun.All my life …(I had to fight lol……)D0847j…Ok seriously, I’ve had long relaxed hair my entire life and it started to bore me. Though most of the time my hair was hidden with weaves, it still managed to antagonize the hell out of me. I knew my hair was not going to last the end of 2015 and thats where my journey began.

I’ve worn short hair before but none like this. My short hair journey may have lasted me a month or two and was quickly short lived. I started stalking “thecutlife” on instagram and instantly fell in love with so many styles. Shaved, curled, natural, or bald, I liked them all. Something about a woman with short hair…..very-beautiful-sexy-strawberry-tounge-lips-wallpaper-for-desktops-computers1

After having my weave for about a month, (Second row first picture) seeing all that new growth inspired me to embrace my roots. What the hell was I thinking. (Last row first picture) Black-woman-bad-hair-day Not that it lasted but it definitely made a statement piece to my outfits.(First row second and last picture)

People usually don’t understand the reasoning for going short after having long hair, but why not? Not that I care if it even grows back but having it to me is more versatile than not.

I’ve realized its never the hair a woman chooses to wear but her confidence that she wears with it. I’ve struggled with always feeling as if only one particular type of hair style suited me. “Girl Bye” Now I’m the  person to want to try it all. I enjoy changing my hair styles up as if its an accessory piece to my outfit.

Ladies I encourage you to switch it up, walk out like you’ve arrived late to your  own wedding. Hi hello, I’m here. And I assure you, queen B herself wouldn’t have anything on you.


Till next time.



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  1. Sheika
    January 11, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    I totally agree! I have always been about the switch up, whether its something thats new now or an old time classics(everything replays itself anyways so no worries,lol) but yea hair changes r great!!!

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