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So often I get questions about my skin care regimen and the products I’m currently using. My answer is always its never about the products, its about knowing your skin.

I suffered a major break out at the end of 2016 and I tried literally everything. Mistake number 1. When a break out occurs, consult a dermatoligist immediately. I tried it all, drinking lots of water, changing my eating habits, exercising, and almost every acne medication on the market. Its safe to say I’m a product junkie. Listen the struggle was REAL.

I came across a acne system that managed to clear my breakouts, however left me with more visible scaring than I’ve ever had and the moment I stopped using the system, my breakouts would reappear gradually. (Wanna know what it was…leave a comment below, hint it was a Bahamian brand)

But moving right along….remember those little mint green compacts that we all wanted to play in but we knew was off limits. Well I was on a hunt to find a brand that was inexpensive but certainly would do the work and that was familiar. I came across the Clinique 3 step system that was customized to my skin type. I have oily to combination skin, with hyper pigmentation and scarring left over from previous breakouts. The products listed below are what not only helped my breakout, but to maintain clear, glowing healthy skin. Here’s my secret….

The key to having great skin is taking off your makeup every night before bed ladies. DO NOT SLEEP IN YOU MAKEUP! I repeat do NOT sleep in your makeup under no circumstances. QUICK TIP: Keep a pack of makeup-wipes next to your bed just for those drunk or lazy nights. If your like me, even then I’m more aware to remove my makeup. I saw many reviews on the Clinique “Take the Day Off Balm” and everyone raved about it. My first time using the balm and I’m super obsessed with. Its the perfect combo for oily skin types that takes off any mascara y’all. It takes off mascara without irritating your eyes. It dissolves even the most long lasting foundations with out leaving an oily residue or any at all. Hands down beats any makeup wipe on the market.

Step 1: The Clinique liquid facial soap. A gentle non drying lather that cleanses the skin removing stress of pollution so that skin looks younger longer. What I love most is the packaging. Its a pump system that not only does the job, but for 6.7 oz is totally worth your buck. Its the right amount of lather that is very gentle on the eyes and skin.


Step 2: The clarifying lotion that helps reveal fresher skin, sweeping away dull flakes and excess oil to allow moister to penetrate more effectively. Any product that I can pronounce the ingredients is honestly a favorite of mine. QUICK TIP: Always look for ingredients that are familiar and most importantly, natural. When I saw that the clarifying lotion had witch hazel as an ingredient, it was not about to be left behind. If you know nothing of witch hazel, please google. I mostly use it raw as a toner or anticeptic which is great for super oily skin and breakouts.

Step 3: The dramatically different moisturizing lotion that provides all day hydration that helps strengthen skin giving a younger appearance. Locking 54% more of your natural skin’s moisture. Now listen I was one of those girls who felt as if I didn’t need to moisturize because I had oily skin. WRONG! You should if only moisturize if you have oily skin. Because the skin is not hydrated enough, it produces more oil than normal. Hows that for a fun fact! This moisturizing lotion is the truth! All day, long lasting and no oily residue left behind.

If your thinking of trying or have tried Clinique after reading this, definitely leave a comment below and tell me your favorite products or most excited product you want to try.

Hope this helps! See you soon!



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