Where have I been?

I’ve been running from this question every time I’ve been asked. There is no better time that I think I should address this elephant than now. Quite frankly I’ve been running from myself. Running from people. Running from social media. Running from all of the fake garbage that we’ve allowed ourselves to consume us. But most of all, I’ve been running from success.

Stupid right! I know!

Now before you start condemning me, this shit is hard. I had no idea how life was about to change for me. All I knew was I wanted to blog, start a business and enjoy life. Easy right! No one told me to expect success, hate and to lose a few friends. Don’t get me wrong I wanted success but little did I know that it was about to hit me smack dab in the face.

If you know me you know I want it all! You know that I’m driven, hard working and determined to make the world mines. SOOOOO, I’m going to say it to all of you……I got SCARED! I got scared of success, meeting new people, the hate, the backlash from other bloggers, the no support or little from friends, family and people I didn’t even know. Little did I know my haters started pretending that they knew me. Girl BYE! NKChole was gradually building a name with out me. How? I needed answers. People knew of me, spoke of me, and even wrote of me! Nichole? Do you even know? I was prepared but not ready. Not ready for what was about to come. Oh…. But now! NOW……….

Let me reintroduce myself (in my best Jay-Z voice).

Sometimes fear gives us a reality check to remind us to keep going! Keep Going! Allow people to hate and watch you grow. Allow them the time to study your work. Allow them the honor of actually seeing who you are on your social media platforms is the truth. Allow them to bask in you positivity and blessing. Allow them front row seats to your journey. Allow them to enjoy the show, the struggle, the pain, and the triumph.

One thing I’ve learned while entering this new chapter of my life, is that you are the “newbee”. You are the person who’s suppose to come in knowing not what you know. You are suppose to not be great. Be GREAT! Be Great Anyway! Be so great that they talk about you as if they know you.

However never become like “them”. Be strong, be powerful and feed light and positive energy into everyone and living thing that crosses your journey. Be kind. Be humble, but through it all…..BE YOU!


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