Top 5 Foundations.

I know I say I get tons of questions, but y’all, I DOOOOOO! This one hits home. My most favorite product to purchase is foundation. Something about finding the perfect match excites me. Nothing I love more than after doing my makeup and it settles into my skin, and my natural oils push through giving an luminous finish. The skin is now breathing and warming up to the makeup, not clogging the pores at all.

A few tips for picking the right foundation:

  1. Pick your shade.
  2. Know your skin.
  3. Go for a buildable type of foundation.
  4. Test and research before purchase.
  5. An lastly, expensive doesn’t alway mean better.

Honestly I’m a hoarder when it comes to foundation. I enjoy foundations that do not clog my pores and that i can build from a medium to full coverage. I’ve learnt that expensive always doesn’t mean the better foundation. Drug store brands have definitely stepped up their game these past two years. With that being said i have to be completely honest and with you guys so here goes, listed from least to favorite:



No 4



No. 3



No. 2






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