Fenty Beauty – Why the hype….


Now kids….no tea no shade to any other makeup line, however RIRI just took the makeup game to a new level. From a woman of color, its darn near impossible to find a perfect foundation match that compliments the undertones of our melanin goodness. To be honest, through my vigorous hunts, I’ve only found one brand that was formulated to enhance the undertones of the skin. That brand is Kat Von D. Though Kat is of lighter skin tone, her shade range was formulated with warm and cool tones that both light and dark complexions can benefit from.






But aunty RiRi……. killed it for her first launch, for a total of 40 different shades ranging from famous models like Nastya Kusakina to Alek Wek. Pulling undertones of, gray, yellow, cool, warm and earth. Launching in over 150 countries, Rihanna made sure that everyone woman’s shade was included. We all know that her personal makeup choice is very subtle with a hint of risk. However she is mostly known back in the day for a dark lip with minimal makeup. Exactly what her line portrays. Light weight, undetectable foundation, highlight that enhances the natural glows that gives the illusion of no makeup, following one universal gloss (which I hope is not the end), light weight primer, brushes and etc.




Now I’m not one for the natural look, but in terms of foundation….I’m sorry I can do with out the cake face. This is one of the reasons why I’m so hyped about this launch. Its already enough for an industry to cater to a lighter complexion, but for a woman of color, an island girl to ┬áproduce a makeup line that does not only include 2-3 dark shades of which to be considered the darkest of all.



Why the hype? This line inspires me and many women of color to embrace our melanin and know that it is not impossible to find a shade that suites us but some one thats of a darker shade than I. Its about supporting another island girl, who’s true intent was not to accommodate some shade but all shades of color. Someone who doesn’t have to be known for something in order to produce or create it, but to does it anyway. If this doesn’t inspire your true passion or gift that we sometimes hide from the world to ignite…then I┬ádon’t know what will.


Stay tune for my hands on review of Fenty Beauty.


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