Transition from Summer to Fall

My favorite time of the year. Something about vampy lips and smokey eyes gets me super excited about fall. Around this time, brands have been working super long hours over the release of their overly hyped holiday collections. Most usually a flop anyway, but one of many gets me to indulge.

This year I’m most interested in Rihanna’s launch of her holiday collection. It launches October 13th, and it is filled with color. Most brands usually releases more neutral color palettes and matte shadows that typically most beauty lovers look forward to. However not Rihanna, she’s releasing a collection filled with color and glitter.

This fall I’m wishing for a cool/cold christmas which typically in The Bahamas doesn’t ever come around. So I’m going to use my resources and transition items that I currently own to ease into this 2017 fall season. Switching out that crop top to a light sweater, that neon polish for some red, those summer sandals for some stilettos, and those denim shorts for some skinny jeans.

I havent begun shopping as yet…… only to hope this year, switch it up and support clothing stores locally. I’m that stereotypical Bahamian that hates shopping home because of the overly priced, 30 plus pieces of one item that most of the “instagram baddies” have already worn. But this time I’ve decided to try something new and come up with five key steps to guide me on this journey.

Transition from summer to fall with these five steps with me.

  1. Clean.Clean out all of those pieces of clothing you bought that never got to wear. That’s now taking up residency in your closet and owes you rent. Those pieces of clothing that you throw in the donation pile and when packing, you last minute take out because you see some potential. Nope leave it alone.

  2. Research! Research all of the fall collections and take inspiration from them and come up with looks that you feel suites your personal style. Not that style that keeps you in your comfort zone, but that style that your thinking twice about trying, because your not sure if it suites you.

  3. Plan. Plan out your looks from head to toe. I struggle with this one so often. I see a piece and I purchase it with out planning an outfit that either centers around that piece or can incorporate it. so this one is vital. Though you may like what you see, can you wear it? Is it functional?

  4. Organize. Organize a chart or vision board of all your fall pieces. A great tip is to have a polaroid camera to take quick shots when inspired and post them as you find fit. Often times when your not looking for inspo is when your most inspired.

  5. KILL IT! Kill it because you worked hard on it. Enjoy is because you planned it well. Share it because others want to be inspired too.

Hope you guys KILL IT! If you do, don’t be afraid to tag me on ig or leave a comment below and tell me how good you felt killing it.


Top: Forever 2, Jeans: Forever21, Shoes: Aldos, Bag: Local, Shades: Made in The Shade- Instagram

See you guys soon!


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  1. John Mario Colamartini
    October 10, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Nichole your not getting older your getting better always in my heart

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