Summer Foundations

Lets talk Foundation!

Summer is here and I’m sure no one wants to look like they was in the kitchen moments ago frying chicken. So here’s my summer guid to picking the right foundation.

My die hard go to summer foundation will always be the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I must admit i use this foundation year round but it is best used during these super hot summers. Three things that I love most about this foundation. 1. It is transfer proof. Now ladies the only way this foundation can be non transferable is if you put nothing on top of it. Such as a setting powder. This unique formula sets in and needs no altering once applied. 2. It stays put! Once this foundation dries, there is no moving it around. This sometimes though depends on which primer you use choose to use. FYI, the Fenty primer works best. But for the most part it does not move. 3. It keeps me matte. This is summer goals right here. Talk about in this heat walking around with a healthy glow.

Next up is new to the crew but true, is the Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation. I’ve only been testing this foundation for the past month but it has proven itself to be trustworthy. With this foundation I do not recommend using a mattifying primer. Using this foundation together with a mattifying primer almost makes the foundation react the opposite when applied to the skin. Use a light weight pore refining primer that blurs the skin but not completely mattifies it. This foundation dries quick. Sets with out a powder and has a thick consistency. If your not a full coverage kind of girl skip past this beauty.

Continuing on…….I won’t say this deserves to be third but….its tied for second. The Fenty Beauty foundation is the new kid on the block in the makeup world but has been holding its own amongst the high end brands. Firstly, I suggest testing this foundation out in store. Online you most definitely will chose the wrong shade. If you haven’t seen my Fenty review video do go back to the home page and to the right click and have a laugh. They had me looking like a damn Umpa Lumpa out here in these streets. Girl Bye! Ok back to it. After finding my right shade, I absolutely love this foundation. It’s very light weight on the skin, easy to blend and after about 3-4 hours gives the skin an airbrush finish. No this won’t keep you matte but leaves you with a naturally looking healthy glow.

Joining the team as well is the NYX Total Control foundation. Talk about light weight and true to color. That is what I love most about this foundation. It does not oxidizes. True brown girl friendly foundation. If your a light coverage makeup lover, then you definitely need this beauty in your stash. When  I’m running late or need something quick, this is my go to. I did not enjoy the size of this foundation after my purchase, but I do ensure to use it wisely. Also I do however, enjoy the new innovative way as apose to a pump. Instead this babe is topped with a tube dropper/dispenser. Like the ones you only find as a top on some medicines. Yea those.

Last but not least is the new Maybelline 24 Hour Superstar foundation. The Fit me Poreless foundation from Maybelline was my all time favorite but this baby took over the internet . Full coverage, with a pump and all around better formula. I enjoy the way this foundation applies. With the right primer this baby sets to a natural finish that fills in pores almost instantly. I will advise that the 24 hour wear is a reach, but hey who wears their makeup for that long anyway.

Anyway guys,  I do hope you found this post helpful and be that good friend and share it with your amazingly beautiful IG fam, Facebook fam or Twitter and Snapchat fam.

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