Keep Going Sis!

So often my DM’s are flooded with messages from women who want to start something. Be it Youtube, Instagram, Blogging, or even a business. And 9\10 times they’re afraid of judgment. Afraid of looking being venerable to an audience who’s unfamiliar to them. Afraid that no one may watch, or read, or click the like button. Feeling as if afraid to step out of their comfort zone.


If you get one thing from this post….is keep going sis. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel as if you’re not ready or don’t deserve what ever that dream or thought is in your head. Don’t let anyone stop you from wanting to pursue a new hobby or a new business venture. You deserve the life you see for your self. Only you can stop you from getting it.

So what if no one likes your picture. So what if no one supports you. You support you. Show up for yourself! Cheer yourself on. Because if its one thing Ive learned is nothing good comes from fear.

When you start to show up for you, then others will show up for you. They will begin to see the potential and purpose in your work. They will begin to ask questions and wonder how you did it. They will begin to share your names in rooms that you are not present in. You will then begin to inspire them. Giving them drive and hope in that they too can do it.

No matter what that is you’re afraid of doing,

DO IT. Because I guarantee you, someone is watching.

Keep Going Sis! We are routing for you.

Outfit Details:

Blazer: Zara

Top: Zara

Mom Jeans: My mom’s closet. Literally.

Shoes: Unknown


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