Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Line.

I think we all can agree. Every natural hair girl, woman or man can agree that the business is overly saturated with products, hair care lines, advertisement and propitiation of hard earned black dollar. It’s nearly impossible to navigate which hair care line, which product, which consistency best suits your type of hair, your texture, or your simple hair needs.

It’s difficult enough trying to determine your hair type, and to now be bombarded with an overload of products from different brands and brands all together. Some brands have so many hair care lines of products, all simply saying the same things over and over.

Let’s not forget the increase in prices per products.

I hate the fact that the market is capitalizing on our choice to a more healthier hair journey. As if we said we needed more products. Product over kill is such a thing. My choice to go natural was more than a healthy journey but a statement of freedom and beauty. To prove to my mom and her mom and their aunts whom believed that our hair type was more beautiful and manageable straightened than in its natural state. Not to mention the child hood trauma of a perm or a hot comb.

Being natural has become more expensive than hair salons. I tried the Carols Daughter hair care line for the first time and was not impressed. However I was more disappointed in myself for falling for the advertisement. The words we look for. The ingredients with think that can grow and feed in our hair care journey.

A total of 3 products costed me about $70.00. And who’s to blame? I blame us. I blame us for falling for the hype. Thinking because it has castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, every oil possibly made to grow our hair, its worth what ever the cost may be. When in all actuality none of which is helping. Not to put this line in particular on blast, but this was the first time I decided to try the main product of a brand’s line.

All of its claims did the complete opposite. After 1 use, my hair felt dry, more tangles, and less healthier than before use.

Don’t fall for the advertising or highlights like me. Choose a brand that is best suited with ingredients, not culture or color based driven. We all see their choice or words, coloring and the market in which they are catering to. Choose the hair care line that we sometimes bypass because it doesn’t catch our eye. Because those are the real hidden gems. Or the homemade hidden gems. I have yet to find one that I absolutely love.

If you do, drop your favorite natural hair car line in the comments.

Until next time. NkChole


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