Life in my 30’s

So in no way I expected my 30’s to be like this. But let’s face it, after turning 30, life changes forever. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. Your opinions, thoughts, emotion, body, beliefs….everything changes.

For a long time I dreaded the number 3. Not because of the number behind it but because the stigma us women place upon ourselves. Not the one society places, but the all of the others we some how take on. Whether that be, a wife, husband, kids, career or just personal growth. At 30 we hold ourselves to a standard that we know is most times unattainable. Or just not yet attainable.

Putting our own feet to the fire. Giving our own selves a hard time. Not willing to accept the changes that are sometimes inevitable.

So let me save you the trouble. At 30, you probably would have only hit a third of your life’s goals, had 1 bad relationship that almost broke you, your career path is still wavering between “doing what you love” or “earning a decent living”, and if you still live at home, you’re probably going stay there for a while.

At 30, it’s almost as if life becomes more open. Open to new adventures and less attracted to the BS. Your taste in women or men changes. You’re more concerned now about living life rather than having it. For what is life if you’re not living it right? You’re more interested in the finer things in life. A soft life. A luxury lifestyle, respect, a well paid job or promotion, a house and meaningful relationships.

Turning 30 made me discover who I am as a woman, a girlfriend, a daughter, a friend and a sister. I started to really dig deep in to the relationships I had formed. The choices I had made. The path that chose me. Questioning all the life lessons from my parents, reminiscing of childhood trauma and memories. Good and bad.

I became more self aware. Even more independent. More antisocial. I started to trust my instincts. Not questioning anyones opinion or thoughts should I doubt something. Things around me changed. People around me changed. I changed. And that is OK. Because at 30 I found me.

I love the woman I am today!

I gave my self the freedom to do an be what ever I wanted. No longer living by the vision my parents or family had for me. I started doing things that I once loved. Giving certain attention to things and/or people, making me the priority.

Turning 30 was a life changing moment that I can only describe as such. As I continue on this journey in my 30’s, every year life reminds me that I don’t and won’t always be in control. I now justify most things situations as “It was meant to happen” instead of “why me”. Some relief and hope in the season of life that allows me to live it more positively and freely. Being the woman I am today, I encourage you to embrace your 30’s or look forward to it. Because Its definitely one for the books.


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