Getting Started.

Starting the journey can be rough. I remember watching countless of vides and reading reviews on which camera to get. Which lens to buy and what all accessories I needed.

I did a poll on my Instagram some time back and as promised see 👇 all of the links to Amazon what I suggest when first starting out


Studio Lights:


SD Cards:

Backdrop Stand:

Ring Light:

Iphone Tripod

Canon Remote

There you go. The perfect set up whether you are starting Youtube, Blogging, Photography, anything related to media. I think this is the perfect beginner friendly must have’s.

By no means am I saying that in order to start all of this equipment is needed. The reality today is that our iPhones or Samsungs can do just as good of a job. So if you are starting out, you can just start with what you already have.

Hopefully this help. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to share a lower budget alternative.

Congrats on starting this new journey.


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