Thrifted Finds.

What if I told you that almost my entire outfit is thrifted. Would you believe me?

Coat – Thrifted

Bag (Zara) – Thrifted

Pants – Thrifted

Since winter has started, it seemed as if all of the store magically went up on their prices of coats. Right at the time when I wanted to build my coat collection. a nice lined coats averaged between 80-100 CAD. To some that may be cheap, but you try building a wardrobe at once with that price range.

So randomly I was on Tik Tok minding my business ( as I should), here comes all of these thrifted finds videos. Immediately I was intrigued. What started out was an adventure, soon became a love. Finding a one of a kind coats was it for me. The nude tone coat caught my eye and I had to have it.

So need I say less. Thrifting is now my go to store when I’m looking for a one of a kind piece.

If you don’t thrift, tell me why in the comments section.

Thrifting is life!


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