Be You.

Too often we’re trapped in the likes of social media, family beliefs or childhood teachings. Not embracing what it truly is to be ourselves. Uncertain of who we are. It’s easy to become something you’re not when trying to be your best self.

We fail to realize that being our best selves isn’t found in a book, or a ritual. It’s found deep within. It’s that feeling of authenticity we get as if we purchased a luxury item. That part that makes it feel real. We constantly try to elevate ourselves, sometimes not by what we want but what we see. Past the nice books, morning affirmations and positive attitude lies our true authentic selves.

That part is not always pretty. Sometimes it shows our deepest most vulnerable part of ourselves. Parts that we don’t want social media to see. Its ok to not be perfectly perfect. Its ok to not always feel like you’re not yourself. Find self is a life long journey. Constantly learning yourself. Growing all your attributes. Whether good or bad. Those are the parts what makes you you.

So I share with you Be You & Live Civil by by Karen Civil. A very short and quick straight to the point book that allowed me to look within when reading, being and doing what makes me me. Being me.

So be you!


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